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Chemical & Additive

 free alternative to traditional cleaning products. Pamper Your Home with PowderPuff

Natural, Earth Friendly and biodegradable to love the home your in

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Top Takeaways

1. Plant based ingredients

2. Safe and biodegradable

3. No parabens, sulfates & more

4. Cruelty free

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About Us

PowderPuff Products are uniquely formulated to be an effective alternative to chemical based cleaners which have artificial and often toxic chemicals. We select a blend of pure essential oils for all of our products to maintain a fresh scent without artificial fragrances. We are also a cruelty free line and never test on animals

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"I'm a huge fan of The Powder Puff Carpet cleaner.  I have two small dogs and this cleaner works great for the stains and I don't have to worry about harsh chemicals.  I was skeptical that it would work as well as the chemical cleaners bu amazingly it's just as strong of a stain remover!"

- Rachel Gardea of Windsor CA


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